My Health Assistant

Learn more about your Health Risks based on your age, gender and other factors from My Health Assistant (MHA).

MHA will send you periodic tips on what you should watch out for and also help you prevent any health conditions for which you may be at risk.

You can also set up your own reminders for taking your medications or physical activities or going for your health appointments.

MHA helps you manage all your health activities!

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How it works?

Based on your age, gender, body shape and other parameters, MHA algorithms go to work and identify your specific health risks. MHA will send periodic tips to help you learn more about various warning signs & symptoms, how to prevent potential health issues, and when to get help.

You can also request daily tips on specific topics of your choice like how to lose weight, quit smoking, prevent diabetes, etc.

As an example, anyone over 35 can get diabetes, especially if immediate family members have it. Such a person should get a medical checkup (even if just to rule out diabetes). It is also a good idea to check one’s Blood Sugar levels once a year.

MHA will figure all this out for you and alert you in a timely manner so that you can be aware of any issues and take action.


Set up your own Appointment Reminders

Simply set up an Appointment with your doctor and then set up a Reminder using the MHA App.

We’ll send you a Reminder on the day before your scheduled Appointment as well as on the day of the Appointment.

For example, the day-before Appointment Reminder may say: 'This is a Reminder for your Doctor Check-Up Appointment tomorrow at 10:00 AM.'

You can also set up other health related appointment reminders like for lab tests, dentist appointments, etc. We’ll send you the reminders, along with basic instructions like fasting.

You’ll never miss another appointment or show up without the proper preparation!


Set up your own Lifestyle, Activity, Self-Measurement and Medication Reminders.

Don’t feel overwhelmed about remembering to do all your health activities... With MHA, you can handle all of them very easily!

If, after your checkup, your doctor thinks you might be headed towards some health condition (like high BP) and prescribes any of the following:

  • Weight-loss (if you’re overweight)
  • Smoking-Cessation (if you smoke)
  • Following a low-salt diet (something to try)
  • Exercising vigorously at least 3 days a week
  • Taking weekly self-measurements like weight, waist size and BP
  • Taking daily medications
With MHA, you can easily handle all of these prescriptions with ease!

We’ll hand-hold you... every day... and help you take charge of your health!

With MHA, you’ll never miss a chance to stay healthy! And you’ll never stress out!


Anytime you wish... view your activities, your measurements, etc., and keep track of your progress.

MHA will provide simple, easy-to-follow graphics and reports that will tell you at-a-glance how you’re measuring up to your own targets.

You’ll always be in the loop!